iTeh Inc. is specialized in promoting and selling international standards (and adopted standards).

The list of organizations we are cooperating with on an ongoing basis from a variety of international standardization organizations includes:

  • ISO and IEC (Global organizations)
  • CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI (EU standardization organizations).

Due to the constant growth of the site and the expansion of possible available documents, our team creates an increasing number of products related to the comfortable use of international standards, both for personal and corporate use.

We are pursuing other value-adds for our customers including highlighting certification programs related to the standards we offer. More than that, we are assembling a directory of certification offerings of our partners. Our company is open to partnerships with certification and educational organizations, whose programs can be featured on our platform.

Our goal is to increase value for our client base as the go-to destination for their standards needs. If our organizations share a mission that is connected with the standardization industry, this joint venture will be beneficial to both sides. Currently, we are not planning to monetize referrals, however, other promotions or cross-selling opportunities can always be discussed. To get more details, please, contact our sales department at

Also, references and referrals to our site (and especially individual standards) will be highly appreciated. In the case of placement of our link to your website, you will get a 10% appreciation coupon discount. The only steps you need to do are:

  • place the link
  • notify our managers
  • get your 10% discount

We are dedicated to building mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our clients and now is the right time for your company to benefit from a partnership with us.